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Stat Category LStat Lists
A Thousand Secret Faces Gifts hengeyokai_5
A Thousand Voices Gifts black_spiral_dancers_2
A Touch of Nightshade Rituals rituals_3
Abandon the Fetters Rituals rituals_5
Abhorra Urges urges
Absent Minded Flaws flaws_human, flaws_ratkin
Absolute Balance Gifts ratkin_rodens_1
Acceptance Rites accord black_furies
Accomplishment Rites rites_renown, rites_all, rites_2
Acknowledged Statuses status
Acolyte Merits merits_human, merits_sorcerer
Acolytes Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_mage
Acting Abilities talent talents
Acute Hearing Merits merits_human
Acute Smell Merits merits_human
Acute Taste Merits merits_human
Acute Vision Merits merits_human
Adaptation Gifts silent_striders_3
Addiction Flaws flaws_human
Additional Discipline Merits merits_vampire
Adoption Rites accord uktena
Adrenal Pump 1 Bioware bioware
Adrenal Pump 2 Bioware bioware
Adrenaline Addict Flaws flaws_ratkin
Adversity Gifts munchmausen_3
Afrikaans Languages languages, languages_secondary
Age Flaws flaws_human
Agro Culture Gifts glass_walkers_1
Ahrimanes Identities clans, clans_independent, clans_restricted
Ahroun Identities garou_auspices
Air Filters Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Airhead Flaws mental flaws_kinfolk
Airitech's Daughters Gifts fianna_4
Airt Perception Gifts theurge_1
Airt Sense Gifts charms, corax_4
Airt Sense Charms charms
Akashic Brotherhood Identities traditions
Alberich's Claws Gifts get_of_fenris_3
Alchemy Numinae numina, hedge_magic
Alcohol Tolerance Merits merits_human
Alertness Abilities talent talents
Alien City Flaws aptitude flaws_garou
All Beasts Under the Sun Gifts swara_5
All Hell Gifts twitcher_5
All Machines Day Rites seasonal glass_walkers
Allergic Flaws flaws_human
Allies Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_human
Allies Below Gifts black_spiral_dancers_3
Alms to the Poor Gifts bastet_gifts, bubasti_1
Alter Mood Gifts wyrsta_1