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Stat Category LStat Lists Slug
By the Light of the Moon Gifts doshi_4 by_the_light_of_the_moon
Caern Building Rites rites_caern, rites_all, rites_5 caern_building
Caern Concealment Rites rites_all caern_concealment
Caern Fetish Fetishes fetishes caern_fetish
Cagebound Merits merits_ratkin cagebound
Caged Folk Merits merits_ratkin caged_folk
Caine Paths paths caine
Cairbre's Tongue Gifts songkeeper_3 cairbres_tongue
Caitiff Identities clans, clans_camarilla caitiff
Cajun Languages languages, languages_secondary cajun
Caliah Rites taghairm rites_all, rites_bastet caliah
California Condor Totems totems california_condor
Call Down the Stars Gifts bastet_gifts, qualmi_5 call_down_the_stars
Call Elemental Gifts uktena_4, black_spiral_dancers_4 call_elemental
Call Flame Spirit Gifts uktena_3 call_flame_spirit
Call for Vengeance Gifts galliard_5 call_for_vengeance
Call Forth the Wyld Gifts wyld_children_4 call_forth_the_wyld
Call Great Fenris Gifts get_of_fenris_6 call_great_fenris
Call of the Dead Gifts eji_3 call_of_the_dead
Call of the Wyld Gifts galliard_1 call_of_the_wyld
Call of the Wyrm Gifts galliard_2 call_of_the_wyrm
Call Spirits Gifts bastet_2 call_spirits
Call the Breeze Gifts wendigo_1 call_the_breeze
Call the Cannibal Spirit Gifts wendigo_4 call_the_cannibal_spirit
Call the Flood Gifts nagah_5 call_the_flood
Call the Four Winds Rites moon rites_all, rites_bastet call_the_four_winds
Call the Hunt Gifts fianna_5 call_the_hunt
Call the Pride Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_3 call_the_pride
Call the Rust Gifts bone_gnawers_3 call_the_rust
Call to Allies Gifts roko_5, kojin_5 call_to_allies
Call to Battle Gifts khan_5 call_to_battle
Call to Duty Gifts philodox_2 call_to_duty
Calling the Storm Rites punishment rites_garou calling_the_storm
Callous Flaws psychological flaws callous
Calm Gifts children_of_gaia_2 calm
Calm Heart Merits merits_vampire, merits_shifter calm_heart
Calm the Flock Gifts glass_walkers_5 calm_the_flock
Camarilla Identities sects camarilla
Cambodian Languages languages, languages_secondary cambodian
Camera Eye Gifts glass_walkers_4 camera_eye
Camouflage Gifts wendigo_1 camouflage
Can't Cross Running Water Flaws flaws_vampire cant_cross_running_water
Cantonese Languages languages, languages_primary cantonese
Caper Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_3 caper
Capitalist Archetypes archetypes capitalist
Carapace Gifts ananasi_5 carapace
Cardboard Fortress Rites mystic rites_bone_gnawer cardboard_fortress
Cardboard Mansion Gifts bone_gnawers_1 cardboard_mansion
Cardboard Palace Rites rites_all, rites_ratkin, rites_1 cardboard_palace
Cardial Web Cyber cyber_all, cyber cardial_web