Allies are NPCs which for some reason are inclined to do your character favors. For example, they will never /give/ you a gun, but on a successful roll they might introduce you to someone who'll sell you one. There's potentially some overlap between Allies and Contacts, so just keep in mind that Allies /do/ things, and Contacts /know/ things. Only two things are required to define an Ally: Dot rating and realm. While we encourage you to develop who they are to your character, and your own explanations of how they come to know or do whatever they do for you, this is RP flavor and is up to you to determine. Realms are the area of expertise in which that individual moves. Each realm has 'related' realms which may also be used, at a higher difficulty. Each individual may be used once per RL month (this cooldown time was chosen for testing purposes, and may be adjusted later; we don't want to end up swamped right away). Using an Ally requires a roll of their dot rating versus a staff-defined difficulty. A botch results in double the cooldown time. Staff reserves the right to simply deny favors no Ally should have access to. Allies are purchased individually, at a cost of: 5xp for the first dot, then 3 x current level (so the distribution is 5/3/6/9/12). No Ally can be greater than five dots.


Realms The current list of proposed realms and their associated sub-realms (in active development) - sub-realms are rolled at +1 diff.  View as 'Realm N has influence over realms X, Y, and Z' as a guideline to how reaching the sub-realms works: RealmRelated RealmsDescriptionArtC-Level Society, Entertainment, Media, OccultYour connections are among the city's artists and performers or those who market them.BiomedicalCorporate Research, Intellectual Property, ManufacturingC-Level SocietyArt, Corporate Leadership, Entertainment, MediaSomeone in the elite of LATMA knows and assists you with information or favors - you can glean things about the wealthy and powerful citizens, their inclinations, agendas, and social currents.CommunicationsEntertainment, Intellectual Property, MediaCorporate LeadershipC-Level Society, Corporate Research, Education, Government, ManufacturingCorporate ResearchBiomedical, Corporate Leadership, Education, Intellectual PropertyEducationC-Level, Corporate Research, Intellectual PropertyThis Ally or Contact is most likely employed by UCLATMA or otherwise in a position of significant influence with the university (although private facilities exist, they are generally less influential as a whole).  Shaping the workforce for tomorrow!EntertainmentArt, C-Level Society, Intellectual Property, Media, Organized CrimeFinancialC-Level Society, Education, Government, LegalGovernmentCorporate Leadership, Housing, Intellectual Property, Media, SecurityHousingGovernment, Organized Crime, Security, StreetIntellectual PropertyBiomedical, Corporate Research, Entertainment, GovernmentLegalEducation, Financial, Government, Organized CrimeManufacturingBiomedical, Corporate Leadership, Education, Intellectual Property, Organized CrimeMediaArt, C-Level Society, Entertainment, Government, StreetOccultArt, Corporate Research, StreetOrganized CrimeEntertainment, Housing, Manufacturing, Security, StreetYou have ties to the organized criminals of the city - the large-scale smugglers, the Dark-area lords.StreetHousing, Media, Occult, Organized Crime, SecuritySecurityGovernment, Housing, Organized Crime, StreetTransportationGovernment, Housing, Street

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