Alchemy is the science, art, and study of the transformation of the base and profane into the pure and the sacred. The alchemist believes that all things in nature can be transformed, or purified, into a higher essence. Note: This Path is ritual restricted. This means that it is useless unless you learn, or create, specific rituals that have been previously approved by staff.
The alchemist can create compounds and substances that are simply more advanced and potent versions of chemicals that already exist. These compounds don't appear magical in any way. Painkillers, poisons, and glues are common examples. More advanced version of what is available already with one dot. Some of these substances may allow the imbiber to exceed his normal physical limits or to gain access to more mystical senses, in dreams or hallucinations. You can raise one attribute by one dot (up to the maximum of five dots) for up to a scene. You can make substances that enhance their target to superhuman levels or create materials that exceed normal limitations (supernaturally strong allows, etc). Some of these substances can temporarily invest their imbiber with some low level psychic ability for a limited period of time (no more than one hour). You can create substances that will enhance attributes by up to two dots for a scene (one dot if affecting multiple attributes), even beyond normal human maximums, or minor items with some potent effect. With this level of knowledge you can duplicate the powers of supernatural creatures, including Gifts, Disciplines, and other abilities up to the third level. These potions will require a sampling of the supernatural creature in question (Vitae, hair from a werewolf, etc). Such concoctions often have nasty side effects as well (the more powerful the Gift or Discipline, the more pronounced the side effects). For samples of rituals, see Sorcerer Revised, P.66
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