This background reflects a number of people who actively support a mage's paradigm and are Aware enough to assist with magical operations. Acolytes might be students, associates, friends, employees, coven members or cultists. You can use your Acolytes for a number of other reasons than magical operations, but they can't be as tightly controlled as Retainers. Acolytes generally have lives of their own and don't follow the mage around everywhere he goes. Operations requiring their assistance have to be planned in advance but don't usually require Staff approval. If there are any questions in regards to this see Mage Staff. These rules cover NPC acolytes. PC acolytes are handled under the Acolyte merit.
If a mage casts an effect with the assistance of Acolytes he may roll his Acolyte rating at difficulty 7. Each success adds one to the effect. The total number of successes provided by acolytes can make up only half of the required successes. Particularly bad botches and ensuing Paradox may result in the lowering of the mage's Acolyte rating due to NPC death, loss of faith or fear. o 3 Acolytes oo 7 Acolytes ooo 15 Acolytes oooo 30 Acolytes ooooo 60 Acolytes
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