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LStat Lists
Alter Mood Gifts
Alter Scent Gifts ragabash_2
Alteration of Generations Rites mystic
Ambidextrous Merits merits_human, nwod-merits_physical
American Dream Totems wisdom
Amnesia Flaws flaws_human, flaws_ratkin
Amulet of Kinship Fetishes
Amulet of Tongues Fetishes
Anachronism Flaws flaws_vampire
Anaconda Totems
Anahata Gifts stargazers_3
Anarchs Sects
Ancestor Ally Merits merits_shifter
Ancestral Recall Gifts
Ancestral Wings Gifts bastet_gifts, balam_2
Ancient Egyptian Languages
Ancient Greek Languages
Ancient Norse Languages
Angel's Semblence Gifts
Angels in the Garden Camps camps
Anger of the Goddess Gifts
Anger of the Wani Gifts
Anger's Purge Rites accord
Angry Ancestor Flaws
Angst Virtues misc_wraith
Angu Urges urges
Animal Ken Abilities skill nwod-social_skills, skills
Animal Magnetism Merits
Animal Musk Flaws flaws_shifter
Animal-Psychic Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Animalism Disciplines nwod-disciplines, disciplines, disc_common, disc_gangrel, disc_nosferatu, disc_ravnos, disc_tzimisce
Anklet of False Trails Fetishes
Anti-Psychic Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Anti-Wyrmbringer Bias Flaws psychological
Appeal Rites mystic
Appearance Attributes social social
Arabic Languages
Arcane Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_mage, backgrounds_sorcerer
Arcanum Societies societies
Archery Abilities skill nwod-merits_styles, skills
Architect Archetypes archetypes
Area Knowledge Abilities knowledge knowledges
Arete Virtues misc_mage, virtues
Argos Arcanoi arcanos
Arion's Burden Gifts
Arm of the Metis Fetishes
Armor Charms charms
Armor Beetles Fetishes
Armor of Kings Gifts
Armor of the Tortoise Gifts