Dark Metal History

We are preparing the recollections of Dark Metal's players for a history display. If you're an oldtimer who'd like to share your anecdotes (anonymously or otherwise), please contact Lachesis on game or in the Discord channel-- we'd love to hear from you.

Add History

A few questions..

For History contributions, no logs are required though you're welcome to copy/paste them. Comments are open on all submissions. Be aware that others might not recall things as you do or they might add details you forgot all about. Don't worry about censoring yourself, either, that's what nsfw and trigger tags are for.

Below is a list of questions to help jog your memory, get the ball rolling for story time:

1) Who dragged you kicking and screaming onto DM? Did you find it through another MU*, randomly online?

In the Beginning..

LATMA. The Los Angeles Tijuana Metropolitan Area. No one mentions the area in between - the Radiation Zone - the land ostensibly scoured by the fallout that occurred when the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant had a serious meltdown. Since the evacuation - it's been swept under the carpet and forgotten about. For most norms, it's just that stretch of blasted desert between LA proper, the San Diego domes, and the Mexican border, home to nothing any good citizen would want to care about.