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LStat Lists
Arrow Killers Fetishes talens
Arrow of Artemis Gifts
Artifact Backgrounds nwod-merits_mage, backgrounds, backgrounds_wraith
Artifice Dedication Rites rites_all, rites_ratkin
Ascetic Archetypes archetypes
Ash Thaum_Paths necromancy necromancy_paths, paths_disc
Asklepios Rites mystic
ASL Languages
Assamite Clans clans
Assamite Antitribu Clans clans
Assamite Sorcery Disciplines disciplines
Assassin's Klaive Fetishes
Assimilation Gifts homid_5
Asthma Flaws flaws_human
Astral Mind Gifts
Astral Projection Numinae psychic nwod-merits_psychic, numina, psychic_phenomena
Asura's Bane Gifts bastet_gifts, khan_4
Athletics Abilities talent nwod-physical_skills, talents
Atma Gifts
Attraction Gifts
Attunement Gifts bastet_gifts, wendigo_4, bone_gnawers_4, silent_striders_4, glass_walkers_4, bastet_4, ratkin_4, ratkin_homid_4
Audial Filters Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Audio Recorder Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Aura of Confidence Gifts shadow_lords_1
Aura of Corruption Thorns thorns
Aura of Ferocity Gifts
Aura of Leadership Gifts
Aura of Nobility Gifts
Aura of the Just Gifts
Auspex Disciplines nwod-disciplines, disciplines, disc_common, disc_malkavian, disc_malkavian_antitribu, disc_toreador, disc_tremere, disc_tzimisce
Auspicious Birth Merits
Austere Howl Camps camps
Autist Archetypes archetypes
Autocrat Archetypes archetypes
Autopsied Flaws flaws_wraith
Avalanche Gifts
Avant-Garde Archetypes archetypes
Avatar Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_mage
Avoid Fate Gifts
Awaken Beast Gifts
Awakening of Gaia's Strength Rites accord
Awakening of the Steel Thaum_Paths assasmite_sorcery assamite_sorcery_paths, paths_disc
Aware Merits merits_human
Awareness Abilities talent talents
Awe Gifts nwod-numina_1, silver_fangs_2
Axis Mundi Gifts
Ba'ashkai Urges urges
Baali Clans clans
Babble Gifts
Babel's Cure/Curse Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_homid_3, bagheera_3, bubasti_3