Adrenal Pump 1

The adrenal pump is a small, muscular sac implanted in the lover abdominal cavity and connected to each of the two suprarenal glands. When dormant, the pump concentrates and serves as a reservoir for the harmones adrenaline and noradrenaline. When activated, the sac contracts, sending a surge of concentrates into the bloodstream. Stress and other emotional states such as anger, fear, or lust will also activate the pump.
Once activated the pump bestows a +1 to strength, +2 to alertness, allows for an additional physical action (cumulative with other bonus actions) per round, and lowers the diff of any roll involving willpower stat(not willpower spent for autosuccess) by 1. It is active 3 rounds and the subject is unaffected by wound penalties while it is active. After the duration is expired, the subject takes 3 levels of damage due to trauma, soakable with stamina (and stamina only) and is stunned for as many rounds as damage he fails to soak.
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