Stat Type
Category Title Sort descending Slug Lists
Rituals A Touch of Nightshade a_touch_of_nightshade rituals_3
Rituals Abandon the Fetters abandon_the_fetters rituals_5
Rituals Baleful Doll baleful_doll rituals_4
Rituals Bind Tivilio bind_tivilio rituals_4
Rituals Binding the Beast binding_the_beast rituals_4
Rituals Black Water black_water rituals_2
Rituals Blood Contract blood_contract rituals_5
Rituals Blood Dance blood_dance rituals_3
Rituals Blood Mastery blood_mastery rituals_1
Rituals Blood Rush blood_rush rituals_1
Rituals Blood Walk blood_walk rituals_2
Rituals Bone of Lies bone_of_lies rituals_4
Rituals Bone of the Kindred bone_of_the_kindred rituals_8
Rituals Bottled Voice bottled_voice rituals_4
Rituals Brand of the Paramour brand_of_the_paramour rituals_1
Rituals Bureaucratic Condemnation bureaucratic_condemnation rituals_2
Rituals Burning Blade burning_blade rituals_2
Rituals Chain of the Blood Line chain_of_the_blood_line rituals_8
Rituals Chill of the Windsaber chill_of_the_windsaber rituals_7
Rituals Cleansing of the Flesh cleansing_of_the_flesh rituals_3
Rituals Clinging of the Insect clinging_of_the_insect rituals_3
Rituals Cobra's Favor cobras_favor rituals_5
Rituals Communicate with Kindred Sire communicate_with_kindred_sire rituals_1
Rituals Court of Hallowed Truth court_of_hallowed_truth rituals_5
Rituals Craft Bloodstone craft_bloodstone rituals_2
Rituals Craft Dream Catcher craft_dream_catcher rituals_3
Rituals Defense of the Sacred Haven defense_of_the_sacred_haven rituals_1
Rituals Deflection of Wooden Doom deflection_of_wooden_doom rituals_1
Rituals Deny the Intruder deny_the_intruder rituals_2
Rituals Devil's Touch devils_touch rituals_1