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LStat Lists
Become Log Gifts
Becoming Rites rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_corax, rites_2
Befriend Gifts
Beg Gifts
Bellow Gifts
Bells of Rain Fetishes
Beltane Rites caern
Beneath Notice Gifts
Bengali Languages
Bent Vine Fetishes
Berserker Merits merits_vampire, merits_shifter
Berserker's Song Gifts
Billabong Stride Gifts
Bind Tivilio Rituals rituals_4
Binding Rites rites_mystic, rites_all, rites_1
Binding the Beast Rituals rituals_4
Bio-Control Numinae psychic numina, psychic_phenomena
Biomechanics Methodologies method_iteration_x
Biomonitor Cyber cyber_all, cyber
Biothaumaturgy Thaum_Paths thaumaturgy thaumaturgy_paths, paths_disc
Birdlike Mannerisms Flaws flaws_corax
Birdseye Merits merits_corax
Birnam Sands Fetishes
Birth of the Fire Warrior Rites mystic
Birth Time Rites
Birthing Plague Rites rites_all, rites_ratkin
Bison Totems respect
Bite of the Destroyer Gifts
Bizarre Hunger Flaws flaws_human
Black Friday Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_homid_5
Black Furies Tribes garou_tribes
Black Hand Backgrounds backgrounds, backgrounds_vampire
Black Listed Flaws flaws_human
Black Shark Rites rites_all
Black Spiral Dancers Tribes garou_tribes
Black Water Rituals rituals_2
Blackened Moon Rites mystic
Blank Gifts
Blank Slate Gifts
Blanket of Peaceful Dreams Fetishes
Blaze of Glory Gifts
Blaze Talons Gifts
Blessed Statuses status
Blessed Blood Fetishes talens
Blessing the Blade Gifts
Blessings of Kali Gifts
Blind Flaws flaws_human
Blind Gifts
Blinding Moonbeam Gaze Gifts bastet_gifts, bastet_metis_2
Blink Gifts nwod-devotions