A Munchmausen can survive extreme temperatures for a full day with this Gift. Arcadian Ratkin often tell ridiculous stories about having lived on the moon, the bottom of the ocean, or the caldera of an active volcano. Some of these stories are true.
Tava (Rank Three Ratkin) are immune to extreme heat (up to boiling lava) or extreme cold (up to Antarctic conditions). At Rank Four, they gain the ability to live underwater or in a vacuum. A Rrrr't (Rank Five) Ratkin can reproduce the Ratkin Gift: Survivor; Moon Mice find this ability essential. No roll is necessary; the Rat just spends Gnosis for each day he wants to survive. Extreme heat or cold requires one Gnosis. Underwater conditions or compete vacuums require two Gnosis; the Survivor Gift requires three. As a side note, this Gift will never grant immunity to silver, though it will reduce the damage from fire from aggravated to non-aggravated.
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