Stat Type
Category Title Sort descending Slug Lists
Gifts A Thousand Secret Faces a_thousand_secret_faces hengeyokai_5
Gifts A Thousand Voices a_thousand_voices black_spiral_dancers_2
Gifts Absolute Balance absolute_balance ratkin_rodens_1
Gifts Adaptation adaptation silent_striders_3
Gifts Adversity adversity munchmausen_3
Gifts Agro Culture agro_culture glass_walkers_1
Gifts Airitech's Daughters airitechs_daughters fianna_4
Gifts Airt Perception airt_perception theurge_1
Gifts Airt Sense airt_sense charms, corax_4
Gifts Alberich's Claws alberichs_claws get_of_fenris_3
Gifts All Beasts Under the Sun all_beasts_under_the_sun swara_5
Gifts All Hell all_hell twitcher_5
Gifts Allies Below allies_below black_spiral_dancers_3
Gifts Alms to the Poor alms_to_the_poor bastet_gifts, bubasti_1
Gifts Alter Mood alter_mood wyrsta_1
Gifts Alter Scent alter_scent ragabash_2
Gifts Anahata anahata stargazers_3
Gifts Ancestral Recall ancestral_recall earth_guides_3
Gifts Ancestral Wings ancestral_wings bastet_gifts, balam_2
Gifts Angel's Semblence angels_semblence children_of_gaia_4
Gifts Anger of the Goddess anger_of_the_goddess black_furies_5
Gifts Anger of the Wani anger_of_the_wani rising_sun_4
Gifts Arion's Burden arions_burden black_furies_1
Gifts Armor of Kings armor_of_kings simba_2
Gifts Armor of the Tortoise armor_of_the_tortoise mokole_2
Gifts Arrow of Artemis arrow_of_artemis black_furies_5
Gifts Assimilation assimilation homid_5
Gifts Astral Mind astral_mind world_tree_5
Gifts Asura's Bane asuras_bane bastet_gifts, khan_4
Gifts Atma atma awakening_the_serpent_fire_5