Numina Pyrokinesis Level 2 Ignite By concentrating, the pyrokinetic causes flammable materials to burst into flame. The psychic can affect anything within a short range (less than 10 yards), though some materials are easier to ignite than others. The difficulty is: 4 Very easily lit materials (paper, gasoline, vampires) 6 Flammable objects that normally require minor assistance to light (wood, charcoal) 8 Objects that do burn with the aid of accelerents (clothing) 9 Materials that do burn, eventually (people) Once ignited, items continue to burn naturally. The fire created is as big as a torch, though it could easily spread with the proper materials around. See page 249 of Mage Revised for fire damage and the difficulty of soaking fires. If the psychic tries to light a person on fire, the target may dodge the effect by rolling Dexterity + Dodge (difficulty 6).
+action Manipulation + Meditation vs (Dif from Table)
Freebie Cost
Mortal+, Pyrokinesis Level 1
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