Numina Plant Empathy Level Two - Growth The psychic can feed energy into a SINGLE plant to make it grow for him. The plant will do nothing but grow faster. That means it will not flower, seed etc. It will just grow rapidly. It will resume normal cycles once the ritual has worn off. Each success on the roll provides one normal months growth to occur in a time span of five to ten minutes. The Psychic may expend willpower. Each point of willpower converts into 1 years worth of growth per five to ten minutes. For the plant to span years growth in a small amount of time, there must be an avaliability of nutrients, water and soil. A lack will only cause it to wither and die. Botch examples 1) The psychic overtuning to plants and unable to filter out their talk providing a version of 'deafness' per hour the number of botches rolled. 2) Growing a temporary allergy to that particular plant species. Duration 1 month per botch.
+action charisma+empathy vs 7
Freebie Cost
Plant Empathy 1
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