Group Effect

Numina Synergy Level 3 Group Effect: The psychic network has grown such that, in addition to sharing Willpower, they can more effectively combine their wills, so that when the effect is rolled, the highest Attribute and Ability are used, even if the contributing member lacks the power itself. Additionally, as before, each member can contribute a point of Willpower to add extra successes. Example: Bruce (who has Precognition 2, Perception 3 and Awareness 2), Deirdre (who has Telepathy 3, Perception 2 and Awareness 3) and Andrew (who has Synergy 4, Perception 4 and Awareness 2) combine their abilities to use Bruce's precognitive Synergy abilities. The group will use Bruce's Precognition. Deirdre's Awareness and Andrew's Perception. One of the group rolls the 7 dice. and each of them may contribute Willpower/or extra successes.
+action perception + awareness vs 6
Freebie Cost
Mortal+, Synergy Level 1&2
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