'Faith is a Numina... most people have faith with a small 'f', in that almost everybody accepts the Church's teachings quite uncritically. But only a small number have the burning zeal, the profound conviction, which can protect them against creatures like vampires. This Faith is not necessarily a skill to be increased through experience. Certainly it may rise as a result of a person's experience, but it is more vital than that. At the Storyteller's discretion, Faith should raise or fall to reflect a person's religious certainty and zeal. Nor is it something that comes from outside the individual, from some God or angel. Whether or not their beliefs are correct, these people believe so fervently that their own conviction protects them. Note, therefore, that heretics may have as much faith as devout Christians. Jews, Moslems and pagans can also have Faith, whether honoring Jehovah, Allah or the Goddess. Even an infernalist may have Faith in the dark spirits which she venerates. The Faith Numina, like any other, has a rating of 1 to 5. Exactly what protection is afforded to the individual by the [Faith] depends on this rating, as described below. Of course, these are just guidelines. Storytellers should amend them as required to fit the tone or add drama to their stories. One Dot. Any character with Faith may attempt to ward of vampires by brandishing a holy symbol or uttering prayers... The person rolls Faith against a difficulty equal to the vampires willpower. The number of successes indicate the number of steps backward a vampire is forced to take. If no successes are scored, the vampire need not step back, but may not advance. A botch indicates the vampire may advance unhindered. Further, if the cross, Bible or other symbol is placed against the vampires body, each success causes an aggravated Health Level of damage, burning into the flesh. Two Dots. A person with Faith rating of 2 or more is a 'neutral', immune to Dominate. Three Dots. A person with a Faith of 3 or more may sense the presence of a Vampire. She need not consciously try to sense the vampire's presence, but must be in peaceful, quiet surroundings - perhaps alone in thought, praying, reading pious books, meditating on the Bible, etc. The person will not sense the vampire if she is preoccupied (e.g. arguing) or in a crowded, noisy place (jostled by a mob, in the midst of a raucous banquet, etc.). This ability need not be infallible; the Storyteller should let the person sense the vampire only when it is dramatically convenient. Note that the person cannot know exactly what she senses through her faith, all she will know is that something unclean or evil is nearby. (Vampires may go no further) Four Dots. The person may not be turned into a ghoul, and is unaffected by any mind-bending techniques like Presence and Obfuscate. Five Dots. The person is so pure, so holy, that she can fill a vampire with self-loathing, disgust, terror, even physical pain. Any vampire hearing the person pray, preach or recite psalms, or being touched by the person, may be forced to flee immediately by any available means. A vampire who is unable to flee is reduced to a gibbering wreck, flailing on the floor, screaming, sobbing, or begging forgiveness. To avoid fleeing, the vampire must either expend one Willpower per scene or must make a Stamina Roll each round (difficulty 5+ her own intelligence). That's right- the higher the vampires intelligence, the higher the difficulty, because the more tortured and guilty she will feel.
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