Delayed Action

Numina Psychic Hypnosis Level 3 Delayed Action The subject of the hypnotist's powers now performs actions commanded once the trance has been broken. The psychic implants any command or improved memory recall from the lower levels of hypnosis, but this time, it is programmed to happen at a certain time. The commands are implanted as with Sideshow Suggestion, but the difficulty is raised by one. Every success on the roll gives the hypnotist one command to implant. Each extra condition requires a success as well. It takes five turns to hypnotize the subject, plus one turn per command to program them. The hypnotist can make one of the commands to be to instantly fall into a trance state at a later time. Example: The Amazing Steve hypnotizes Denise, a member of the audience. He rolls three successes on his attempt to hypnotize Denise. He then orders her that, when someone says the word 'rabbit,' she will jump on one foot (the first success), say the word 'duck' (the second one) and then fall back into a trance (the third one). He could also have told her to jump on one foot when someone says 'rabbit' (the initial success) and then when someone says the word 'carrot' (a second condition, requiring a success) to spin in place (the third success).
+action Manipulation + Expression vs 6 +action Manipulation + Expression vs 8 ( If it involves pain)
Freebie Cost
Mortal+, Psychic Hypnosis 1&2
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