Some psychics have the ability to draw upon the knowledge of those who have passed on. Channelers tap into the knowledge of those who have passed on, briefly obtaining the skills that they personally lack. Some psychics have a veritable black book of spirits they can call on for help and assistance while others claim to tap into the collective unconscious. Only one personality may be channeled at the time until mastery of this has been reached.
1) The character can channel once per day. They have a vague sense of other personalities floating about and of the existence of some sort of consciousness beyond the body, but that's about all. 2) The character can channel two times per day. They can, against a difficulty equal to the Gauntlet, see briefly into the Shadowlands where ghosts live. She can communicate with ghosts for one minute per success rolled. 3) The character can channel three times per day. They can also see into the Shadowlands for an entire scene by rolling against a difficulty of the Gauntlet. 4) There is no limit how often the character can channel, though the difficulty increased by one for each time after the third until the character sleeps. They can also let ghosts who are skilled with posession take over her body and use all her skills. They retain full awareness of the wraiths actions. They can eject the wraith by rolling Willpower againts the ghosts, and spending a Willpower point. 5) The psychic can channel two personalities at once (the player needs to roll Channeling twice and add to determine the ability dots gained). There's no limit to how many times they can try to Channel, though the difficulties are raise after three times until the character sleeps. When posessed, the channeler often gains some memories from the ghost. SYSTEM: You must have staff present and determine the exact rolls and difficulties for each level OR mail staff with the scene preset and they will give you the diffs.
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