Anti-psychic is the rarest psychic talent yet observed. The pychics' very presence makes even reliable psychic talents weaken or fail. Due to the subtle nature of their powers, most anti-psychics' remain unaware of their talent until approached or even attacked by other psychics. This power isn't activated, but rather is always present and dampens the powers of those around the anti-psychic, adding its level to the difficulty of all psychic powers in the area.
1) 5 yard radius. 2) 10 yard radius. 3) 15 yard radius. 4) 20 yard radius. 5) 25 yard radius. SYSTEM: You must learn that you have this ability before you can dampen the affects. Once learned, you may roll intelligence+meditation vs 7. For each success, the difficulties of the psychic's around you go down one. :Example: With this level at 5, the difficulties are raised by 5 points for those around you. If you gain one success with intelligence+meditation vs 7, the difficulty is lowered to 4.
Freebie Cost