Tech Speak


By mentally interfacing with the Machine, the Garou can send communications through any technological device. By concentrating her will upon the individual(s) whom she wishes to communicate with, communication devices will project the information at the intended individuals: telephones shout, stereos blare and printers print out the message. If no communication device is present, other devices can be activated: alarms will go off, lights flash or plumbing turns on. This Gift is taught by Pattern Spiders.


The Garou spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Science. The difficulty depends on the distance to the target: the next room is 4, the same building is ,one block away is 6, one mile away is 7, one time-zone away (from Eastern to Central Standard Time ) is 8, anywhere in the world (as long as there is a technological device present at the location) is 9. The clarity of the message depends on the number of successes. One success may only communicate one word, such as 'run,' while five successes may allow a reading of the Gettysburg Address.

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