FAQ: Character Approval


DM's staff doesn't do any character approval anymore.  All of that is being delegated to troupes, and anyone not in a troupe is their own troupe by definition.

This means the MUSH-based character generation is wide open.  It can be a little buggy and will be under ongoing maintenance, but you can make basic characters with it, and can go straight onto the grid to play.  If you want something more advanced, use the +request system to ask for the amount of XP or just the list of stat changes  you need (we've given out thousands at a time, it's your concept, not ours--), and as soon as somebody spots the ticket (please feel free to give a yell on the global channel system, someone's usually awake) we'll update you.  You use the +ooc command to go to the OOC (out of character) area, find the XP room, and spend the points. 

Something not available that you want?  Ticket that too.  We want players set up to tell whatever stories they choose within the Dark Metal landscape.

How-To: Create a character