Neptune's Might

This is a somewhat rare path having to do with, as the name suggests, water. 1 - Eyes of the Sea. This lets the caster view past events occurring around a standing body of water (lake, puddle, pond, anything that water flows into but not out of and is not an ocean) as though he were that body of water. System: Caster rolls Perception + Occult versus 7 to see how far back he can see. 1 success (one day), 2 (one week), 3 (one month), 4 (one year), 5 (10 years). 2 - Jail of Water. At the caster's command, water (and it won't work unless in the presence of a sustantial body) leaps up to engulf and imprison the target. This can drown air-breathers. System: The caster rolls Dexterity + Survival versus 6, and for each success scored, the target must score the same number of successes on a strength roll (difficulty 8) to break free. 3 - Dehydrates. Allows the caster to injure at a distance by pulling water from the target. System: Caster rolls Willpower versus 8; target rolls Stamina + Survival versus 9. Each success the caster scores above the target results in the target taking one level of non-aggravated damage. Vampires lose blood points rather than health. Victim may make a Courage (Morale, Willpower/2) roll to act the next turn; failure means they are incapacitated by the pain. 4 - Flowing Wall. A standing body of water touched by the caster becomes an insurpassable barrier to paranormal entities for one night. System: Caster rolls Willpower versus 6 and spends three Willpower. To break the barrier, a Strength + Courage (Morale, Willpower/2) roll versus 9 is required. Though the caster can remove the wall at will, it will also block him. 5 - Blood to Water. Just as it says, turning blood into water. System: Caster rolls Willpower versus the victim's Humanity (Path Rating, 10 - Rage, Arete * 2) plus 3, maximum 10. Each success turns one blood point to water, which affects dice pools as though each lost point were a wound, and can be fatal to non-kindred.
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