Lure of Flames

The character can create flames. Only small ones are possible at low levels of ability, but larger and hotter flames can be ignited by those proficient in Thaumaturgy. The character can create the flame anywhere within line of sight, but must roll Perception+Alertness to properly place it unless it is upon his own body. The flames created by this path are unnatural and cannot burn objects until they have been released by the Kindred. Therefoe, a 'palm of flame' will not burn the vampire's hand and create an aggravated wound -- it will only produce light. Additionally, if the Thaumaturgist ignites his own body, those grappling with him will not suffer. Level 1 - Candle (difficulty 3 to soak, one health level agg damage per turn) Level 2 - Palm of Flames (diff 4 to soak, one HL agg damage/turn) Level 3 – Campfire (diff 5 to soak, two HLs of agg damage/turn) Level 4 – Bonfire (diff 7 to soak, two HLs of agg damage/turn) Level 5 – Inferno (diff 8 to soak, three HLs of agg damage/turn)
Clarification: Soak diff is if the target is able to soak fire/agg. Spend a Blood Point and roll (temporary) Willpower versus Level+3. Roll Perception+Alertness to target the flames accurately (if beyond self), similar to firearms modifiers with a base diff of 6 and base range of 50 yards. Clarification: Releasing the flames so that they burn is a free action which occurs during the Thaumaturgist's action(s) in the initiative order.
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