A man's home is his castle. And a Tremere's home is his sanctum. Level 1 - Guest's Herald. Willpower vs 4 + one blood point. Used on a door or portal, the caster knows when someone has passed through the door or over the portal. Lasts 24 hours, and the signal can be whatever the caster wants - an extra loud creak of the door, or a book falling off a shelf in another room. Level 2 -Master's Order. The caster knows where everything he owns is in his haven at all times. It's a passive power: he doesn't even have to think about it. This only applies to inanimate objects that the caster owns, and only works in the caster's haven. Willpower vs 5 + one blood point; the effect lasts for one scene. Level 3 - Rhyme of Discord. This lets the caster 'maze' people in his house - anyone except the people he or she expressly invites in, or has granted sanctuary there. Everyone else gets lost, no matter how small or big the place is. 'For seventh time, stupid boy, door is that way!' This effect lasts for 24 hours; Willpower vs 6 + one blood point. Level 4 - Temportal. The caster can relink doorways. The bedroom door can open into the study at one time, and the hallway the next, and so on. This only works for the caster - anyone trying to follow ends up in the Euclidean-space connection, rather than the caster's Escher-space connection. Once cast, it lasts until sunrise. Willpower vs 7 + one blood point. Level 5 - The Cauldron's Rede. Once cast, this effect lasts until sunrise, and any object in the caster's haven can tell him what's going on in other parts of his haven - or within eyeshot of his haven - provided he asks. If there's extreme danger, the objects don't even need to be asked - they yell on their own. Willpower vs 8 + one blood point.
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