Gift of Morpheus

Allows the vampire to put others to sleep and enter their dreams. It's a psychic thing, not an astral thing. Mental disciplines can be used in conjunction with it. 1 - Cause Sleep. System: Caster rolls Manipulation + Empathy against the victim's Willpower + 3, maximum of 10. 3 successes puts the victim to sleep; less reduces the victim's dice pools by that amount for the next turn. To affect paranormals, the vampire must also spend a Willpower point. 2 - Mass Slumber. The vampire can cause several people to fall asleep at once. It only works on mortals, and only those in the vampire's line of sight. System: Charisma + Leadership vs. difficulty 8, results are the same as per Cause Sleep. Each target is affected equally. 3 - Enchanted Slumber. Causes the target to fall into an enchanted slumber until a certain condition is met. System: Caster rolls Intelligence + Subterfuge versus the victim's Willpower to determine how long the victim will stay asleep. One Willpower must be spent to affect paranormals. 1 (one turn), 2 (one night), 3 (one week), 4 (one month), 5 (one year). 4 - Dreamscape. This lets the caster telepathically project their own image into the sleeper's dreams. While the caster may use disciplines and abilities such as they have them, they cannot control the dream. System: Caster rolls Wits + 1/2 Psychology (rounded down) versus the target's Willpower, and must have something owned by the target. There is no distance limitation. Effect lasts for one dream. 5 - Master of Dreams. The caster can now control the dream, making the sleeper remember or forget the dream as appropriate, and can even scare the victim to death. If either dies during a dreamed combat, the death is real and permanent. System: Caster enters the dream as per level 4, then must roll Manipulation + 1/2 Psychology (rounded down) versus 7 to affect the dream. The victim can use the same roll to counter-effect their dream. Whoever has the most accumulated successes in a given turn is in control. The caster must spend a willpower point to enter a paranormal's dreams. All involved parties may use all available abilities pursuant to usual rules, with contact presumed.
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