Father's Revenge

This path, based loosely on powerful thaumaturge's interpretations of the Book of Nod, devotes itself to delivering justice to the race of Cainites. Each power supposedly has some precedent in the parables of the ancient book, and focuses on teaching the lessons of Caine via the power of blood magic. Use of this path is hotly debated in the Sabbat, as some consider it tantamount to claiming to hold Caine's right over all vampires oneself. The power of this path comes not only from the magic of blood, but also incantation of verses from the Book of Nod. For any of these powers to take effect, the thaumaturge must speak the actual condemnation. For example, to invoke the third-level power, the caster must state plainly to his target that she may eat only ashes. Obviously, the subject must be able to hear the thaumaturge for these powers to take effect, though writing them and showing them to the subject will do. These powers apply to Cainites only. They do not affect Lupines, mortals or ghouls. Clarification: This path is practiced primarily by Sabbat thaumaturges. * Zillah's Litany Zillah, the wife of Caine, unknowingly drank from her husband and sire three times, thus becoming bonded to him. This power reveals existing blood bonds and Vinculi to the thaumaturge. System: If the subject has any blood bonds or Vinculi to other vampires, this power reveals them to the caster. Although the caster may not know the vampires in question, this power does reveal the names and gives rough psychic impressions of the individuals in question. ** The Crone's Pride This power inflicts the curse of the crone, who bound Caine to her as he fled his wife's spurning. Hideously ugly, the crone had to resort to trickery to get others to help or serve her. System: This power reduces the target's Appearance to zero. All Social rolls during this time generally fail, unless the character attempts to intimidate or browbeat the subject. This power lasts for one night. *** Feast of Ashes Primarily used against wanton or excessive vampires, this power temporarily removes a vampire's dependency on blood. While some would say this negates the Curse of Caine, it reduces the vampire to little more than a wretched scavenger, as he must consume literal ashes, though he gains little sustenance from them. System: The victim of this power can no longer consume blood, vomiting it as he would mortal food or drink. Instead, the victim can eat only ashes, and the 'blood points' he gains from this may be used only to rise each night. Ashen 'blood points' may not be used to power Disciplines, raise Attributes or feed ghouls, (though actual blood points in the character's body at the time this power is invoked may still be used for such). One blood point's worth of ash is roughly one pint, and any ash will do - cigarette ash, campfire leftovers or vampire corpses destroyed by fire or sunlight. This power lasts for one week. **** Uriel's Disfavor This power invokes the darkness of the Angel of Death. All but the dimmest of light causes the subject excruciating pain, and some artificial forms of bright light may even damage the vampire. Uriel delivered God's curse on Caine, shielding him in the blackness of his wings. System: The presence of any light makes the subject uncomfortable, and bright light of any kind - flashlights, neon beer lamps, headlights, etc. - inflict one health level of aggravated damage on the character for every turn he remains under its direct focus. Most vampires who suffer this curse elect to sleep for the duration, hiding away in the darkness of their havens until they can walk again among the living without pain. This power lasts for one week. Clarification: The damage inflicted can be soaked if the vampire has Fortitude. Difficulty 6. ***** Valediction Many Sabbat rightfully fear this power, though none has ever seen it used. It levies a punishment for breaking one of Caine's greatest commandments - the ban against diablerie. As most Sabbat attain their power and station through some measure of diablerie, they must reconcile their beliefs with the admonitions of Caine, and this power engenders a great sense of humility. System: When this power takes effect, the subject immediately reverts to her original generation. This change may entail losing points in certain Traits due to generational maximums. This power lasts for one week, after which any Traits reduced to higher-generation maximums return to normal. It takes three turns to speak the full verse that implements this power's effects.
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