Elemental Mastery

This path allows a thaumaturge limited control and communion with inanimate objects. Mistakenly believed by many to be related to the four basic elements (earth, air, fire, water), this Path is actually closer to an amalgamation of Spirit Thaumaturgy and the Path of Conjuring. This Path can only be used to affect the unliving; a vampire may not use this path to animate a tree into walking, however he could animate a chair that was made out of the same tree. System: Spend a Blood Point and make Willpower roll versus Level+3 unless otherwise indicated below.
O Elemental Strength The vampire can draw upon the strength and resilience of the earth or objects around him to increase his physical prowess without the need for large amounts of blood. System: Activation results in an increase of one dot to each of Strength, Dexterity and Stamina. The number of successes on the roll to activate the power is the number of turns these bonus dots remain. The player may spend a Willpower point to increase this duration by one turn. This power cannot be stacked - one application must expire before the next can be made. OO Wooden Tongues While inanimate objects have only a limited concern for what goes on around them, Wooden Tongues allows a vampire to get at least the impression of what an object has experienced. Such an objects memory is limited and is feelings may be alien to the character, but it can give information of extreme value. System: The number of successes indicates the amount of information received. Better Linguistics (or other Abilities such as Enigmas) scores or rolls can aid in better interpreting what the object has to say. OOO Animate the Unmoving Chairs grab their occupants, doors swing open and closed and guns leap out of their owners' hands when this power is used. An object cannot take actions impossible for its form (a door cannot pick someone up and carry her across the street), but objects with legs can run, wooden stakes can twist out of hands and statues can mimic human life. System: You must get at least 4 successes on the roll or, alternatively, spend a Willpower Point to activate the power. Each use of the power animates one object. The thaumaturge may control a number of objects equal to his Intelligence rating. Objects animated in this manner remain animated for as long as they are in the caster's line of sight or up to one hour. OOOO Elemental Form The vampire can take the shape of any inanimate object of a mass roughly equal to her own. A desk, a statue or a bicycle would be feasible, but a house or a pen would be beyond the power's capability. System: The number of successes determine how completely the character takes the shape she wishes to counterfeit. At least three successes are required for the character to use her senses or Disciplines while in her altered form. This power lasts for the remainder of the night although the character can return to their normal form at will. Clarification: Related Abilities (rating or rolls) may be necessary to determine how accurate the form is. A statue is pretty simple and requires no roll. Looking like a particular motorcycle model might require Repair 2 or Intelligence+Repair vs 5. A working motorcycle might require Repair 4 or 3 successes on an Intelligence+Repair roll vs 6. Clarification: Practice on a specific form could lead to a +comment and not require a roll each time. OOOOO Summon Elemental A vampire may summon one of the traditional spirits of the elements (Fire, Earth, Water, and Air) although some Tremere claim they can summon other elemental spirits as well; electricity, blood, and some have even claimed power over nuclear elementals. System: The character must be near some quantity of the natural element in question to summon an elemental. The spirit may not actually follow the caster's instructions once summoned but generally will pay attention to what its being told. The elemental has three dots in all physical and mental attributes. One dot may be added to one of the elemental's physical attributes for each success gained by the caster on the summoning roll. Once the elemental has been summoned the thaumaturge must exert control over it. The more powerful the elemental the more difficult it is. The player rolls Charisma+Intimidation vs. the successes on the conjuring roll+4. See chart below: Botch - The elemental attacks the elementalist. Failure - The elemental goes free and may attack or leave at Storytellers' discretion. 1 Succ - The elemental probably does not attack the summoner. 2 Succ - The elemental behaves favorably towards the summoner and may perform a service in exchange for payment. 3 Succ - The elemental performs one service within reason. 4 Succ - The elemental performs any one task for the summoner that does not jeopardize its own existence. 5 Succ - The elemental performs any task the caster sets for it, even one that may take several nights (more than a fortnight is unheard of) to complete or that places its existence at risk.
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