This allows the caster to reate things out of thin air. Nothing larger or heavier than the caster can be summoned, and the object is pulled from the caster's memory. As such, if the caster does not have detailed familiarity with an item, there may be problems. 1 - Summoning the Simple Form. A simple inaminate object with no moving parts may be summoned. System: Caster spends 1 Willpower and rolls Intelligence plus the appropriate ability versus 6. 1 success results in an odd, brittle object; 5 is indistinguishable from the real thing. 1 Willpower must be spent each turn to keep the item in existence. 2 - Permanency. Once an object is conjured, it remains. System: The object is summoned as per level 1, but three blood points must be spent to make it permanent. 3 - Magic of the Smith. This allows for the creation of complex devices with movable parts. System: The caster spends 5 blood points, and rolls Intelligence plus the appropriate ability versus 7. 4 - Reverse Conjuration. This lets the vampire attempt to dissolve someone else's conjuration. System: Caster must spend twice as much Willpower, make a Willpower roll against the difficulty of the creator's Willpower at the time of creation, and score a number of successes equal to those scored by the conjuror. Extended rolls can be made here. 5 - Power Over Life. This allows the caster to create simulacra of living creatures. System: Intelligence plus Empathy or Animal Ken is rolled versus an 8, and 10 blood points must be spent. Every night they exist they become more insubstantial, and after a month, they cease to exist.
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