Metis Child


You are the father or mother of a metis cub from an illicit relationship with another of your kind.  You need to decide the circumstances surrounding the birth of the child - such as when this happened and if you are currently attempting to raise the child yourself (for better or worse) or if the child was fostered out.  While this Flaw must be chosen at the time of character creation, you or your Storyteller may decide to bring it into play during the game rather than have it simply a part of your character's past. The effects of this Flaw include Notoriety (two dice penalty to any Social rolls made regarding Garou who know of your child), with the additional burden of being required to take responsibility for your cub's welfare (you miserable charach). As a Litany-breaker, you will probably be unable to hold any important sept office or be trusted with important tasks, no matter how much you strive to prove yourself.

Freebie Cost
Garou, Bastet