This Discipline explains the superior quickness of vampires. A rating in Celerity allows a vampire to move extremely quickly in times of stress and take multiple actions in a single turn. While anyone can decide to split their Dice Pool during a single turn, a character with Celerity can perform extra actions without penalty. One extra action is allowed per point of Celerity, and the vampire may use his entire Dice Pool for each one. One Blood Point must be spent every turn the character uses Celerity, even if he does not take all the actions allowed. For instance, if a vampire has a Celerity rating of 4, and wishes to take three actions in a single turn, he will still need to spend a Blood Point.
Clarification: Spend 1 point of Vitae to get a number of extra actions equal to your Celerity rating. That is your one normal action plus your Celerity rating. You are not required to use every action, you can always yield or pass entirely. Clarification: Spending Vitae for Celerity (among other things) is part of the Decision Stage of action turn resolution. Clarification: House Rules state that you cannot split your Dice Pool during extra actions from Celerity (or other sources). V20 Rules: Your celerity dots add to all dex-based checks (including initiative) on a one for one basis. Additionally, you can spend vitae (up to the total amount of vitae you can spend in a round) to gain extra actions. Each extra action taken is subtracted from the bonus dexterity dice this discipline provides.
Freebie Cost
Vampire or Ghoul