This trait reflects the ability of the character to affect the mortal society in many ways: owning a nightclub, holding political power, performing in a rock band, or holding respect among the faithful. Its most significant ability is in getting corporate policy made (the local equivalent of laws.)


1: Moderately influential; someone you worked with when you started out life is going places. 2: Well-connected; people think you have important things to say, and you can often get ahead on restaurant waiting lists. 3: Position of influence; the right words in the right ears over a few months could get a restaurant's health inspection flunked. 4: Broad personal power; a few comments could affect stock prices, property sales, even get land rezoned. 5: Vastly influential; when you talk, people listen (and take notes). You are a person who knows People. To use your influence, see +help influence and +help influence spending, as well as the webpage > Structure > Manual > Influence section. Keep in mind how your character is going about using the influence - for instance, you want to influence the delivery of utilities in a specific sector; perhaps you take the person in a position to make those changes out golfing, or buy her a new car, or offer to shoot his rival in the department. However, in the rare occasion that such bids for influence involve a situation where a PC is actually the key decision maker, you're going to have to go it alone - staff can't help you (albeit maybe to tell you who you have to talk to IC, assuming you tell us you're going looking.)

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