A mystical animal or minor spirit has chosen to help the sorcerer or psychic along her magical path. Generally such entities are very interested in the welfare (or at least foibles) of humans but have some motive to attempt to encourage certain types of behavior in their companions. Crafty, knowledgeable in magical concerns and possessed of inhuman senses, these beings have a lot to offer their patrons. Nothing is free, though, and this relationship is a two-way street. Guides expect special treatment, including food, shelter, friendship and even strange supernatural necessities. In return, guides can help a sorcerer learn mythic lore, gain new paths or numina, or discover unseen things. Take the opportunity to create an interesting, unique creature who has reason to share your character's fate and influence her behavior. The Bygone Bestiary is the standard sourcebook for guide creation, with the number of freebies allowed in creation determined by the level. To obtain a guide, you must submit a +request with a description of your familiar, including any special stats or abilities you would like it to possess. Guides of level 1 - 3 will be relatively easy to obtain. Guides of lvl 4 or 5 will be extremely rare. NOTE: Purchase of the Guide background is disabled until full rules and code support can be enabled for it. It will be announced on the boards when ready.
1: Weak - a talking, relatively non-combative animal with a few occult skills. (+0 freebies) 2: Minor - exceptionally bright, small animal or spirit with detailed occult knowledge. (+15 freebies) 3: Apt - A large, intelligent animal or smaller supernatural creature. (+30 freebies) 4: Strong - an animal or spirit with a few magical abilities of its own. (+45 freebies) 5: Powerful - a creature with magical talents, vast knowledge and probably a reputation. (+60 freebies)
Freebie Cost