You are accompanied by a mystical animal companion. You must feed this companion Quintessence in order for it to survive. It, in exchange, can consume Paradox or provide similar 'services.' To apply for a familiar, you need to open a +request for Mage Staff and include a detailed description of how and why your character would have such a companion. Include a description of the familiar including any nonstandard stats or abilities you would like it to possess. The Ascension's Right Hand as well as the Forged In Dragon's Fire supplements are used for Familiar creation. Please refer to these for powers special to Familiars. Familiar Rating dictates Quintessence feeding and Freebie Points. Abilities inherent in animal forms do not need to be purchased (such as Flight for bird familiars).
o 5 Freebies oo 10 Freebies ooo 15 Freebies oooo 20 Freebies ooooo 25 Freebies * A mage may only have one Familiar at a time. * Spirit 5 is required to sever the bond (2 successes per background point). * Familiars do not gain XP separately. Improvements to the Familiars stats are purchased using the mage's XP pool. The bond between mage and his familiar is very special thing, akin to the bond between a mage and his Avatar. Bond provides (regardless of rating): Arcane Connection - A mage may use magic on her familiar as it were herself. Others may magically exploit the familiar bond: anything the familiar touches is also touched by the mage. Empathy - The mage and familiar have an empathic connection: each can sense each other's emotions and whereabouts. Bond Creation System: * Standard Difficulty for Spirit 4/Prime 3 effect * 2 successes needed per level of Familiar * 1 Quintessence channeled to the Familiar per level of the Familiar * XP Cost is 3 for the initial dot and then 3 times the rating. Increases in the rating grant more Paradox nullification benefits but not additional freebie points.
Freebie Cost