Employees are like retainers, but without the implication of absolute loyalty- only professional diligence.  They may be 'swapped out' for different templates based on a roll (see below).  They cannot be ghouled, enhanced, or receive cyber. They may be equipped (weapons/armor) ICly at the character's expense. Shifters may have any or all of their Employees be Kinfolk. Mages may have any or all of their Employees be Aware, but Employees cannot be Acolytes or ghouls.
Employees, unlike Retainers, may be 'swapped out' by rolling Perception+Leadership vs 6 (though the hiring process is slower- the base time is 30 days, but is reduced by 3 days per additional success, to a minimum of one week.) An Employee's actual die pool (determined by their template) is limited to the player's rating minus two (or retainer's rating minus two, depending on who the Employee report to). Thus, although Employees can multiply the workforce the player can command, they can never 'do better.' Employees additionally do not benefit from 'teamwork.' Employees can never support corporate actions. Each dot of the 'Employees' background grants 3 dots to allocate to Employees. An individual Employee's level cannot exceed the player's Employees rating. Thus, Employees 1 grants only 3 one-dot Employees. Employees 2 grants up to 3 two-dot Employees (or 6 one-dot Employees); etc. Most Employees are not willing to die for their employer. If an Employee takes twice his rating in damage, he will attempt to flee/surrender. Replacing Employees, however, requires only the Perception+Leadership vs 6 roll from above. A character's Employees rating is limited to the greater of his Resources or Influence rating. Attribute: 1; Ability: 2 Attribute: 2; Ability: 4 Attribute: 3; Ability: 6 Attribute: 3; Ability: 7 Attribute: 4; Ability: 8 Employees are purchased individually, at a cost of: 5xp for the first dot, then 3 x current level (so the distribution is 5/3/6/9/12).  No Employee can be greater than five dots.   Available Templates Suggestions for new templates are welcome. (Where an option is provided, the decision is to be made by staff, taking into consideration the situation in which the retainer will be used- such as corporation, Tradition/Convention/Tribe/Clan, etc.) Accountant: Attributes: None. Abilities: Full dice: Finance Acolyte or Lab Assistant: Attributes: Full dice: Intelligence. Abilities: Full dice: (Computer, Enigmas, Herbalism, Meditation, Research, Science, Survival, or Technology, depending on Tradition/Convention); -1: Occult; -2: Awareness; -3: Crafts Bodyguard: Attributes: Full dice: Stamina; -1: Strength. Abilities: Full dice: Alertness; -1: Firearms; -2: Brawl; -3: Dodge; -4: Melee Chauffeur: Attributes: None. Abilities: Full Dice: Piloting; -1: Drive; -2: Area Knowledge; -3: Alertness; -4: Repair Corporate Executive: Attributes: None. Abilities: Full dice: Bureaucracy; -1 Die: one corporate 'Profit Ability' Craftsman: Attributes: None. Abilities: Full dice: Crafts; -1 Die: Firearms, Melee, or Science; -2 Dice: Technology; -3 Dice: Research Lawyer: Attributes: None. Abilities: Full dice: Law; -1 Die: Research; -2 Dice: Bureaucracy Personal Assistant: Attributes: Full dice: Charisma. Abilities: Full Dice: Computer; -1: Bureaucracy; -2: Etiquette; -3: Research; -4: Area Knowledge Private Investigator: Attributes: Full dice: Stamina. Abilities: Full dice: Investigation; -1: Stealth; -2: Streetwise; -3: Research Security Guard: Attributes: Full dice: Stamina; -1: Strength. Abilities: Full dice: (Firearms, Melee, or Brawl); -1: Alertness; -2: Dodge; -3: (Firearms, Melee, or Brawl); -4: (Firearms, Melee, or Brawl) Street Thug: Attributes: Full dice: Stamina; -1: Strength. Abilities: Full dice: (Melee or Brawl); -1: Streetwise; -2: Intimidation; -3: Dodge; -4: (Firearms, Melee, or Brawl); -5: (Firearms, Melee, or Brawl)
Freebie Cost
Resources or Influence equal to Employees rating