Destiny is an ephemeral thing; each mage has his or her role in destiny. This Trait, however, signifies a mystick who has- or is supposed to have- a very special part in future events. In game terms, this Background earns the mage the respect of her peers an an extra Willpower boost when things get bad. A character with a high Destiny rating is a chosen one; perhaps a vision, prophecy, or a simple 'sense of greatness' follows her. Mysticks who recognize such things will treat the mage with some respect. Her actions, however, will often be watched and sometimes criticized if she appears 'unworthy' of whatever Fate has planned for her. Several groups may even fight to share in whatever she has to offer. The exact nature of the mage's Destiny is left up to the player and Storyteller. It should, however, remain mysterious- an enigmas, rather than a testament. Mages with Destiny rarely die ignominous deaths. They may die young, but they perish with style and importance. This certainty can carry the mystick through hard times. Once per story (not each game session), if something threatens her with a bad end, she may roll her Destiny rating against difficulty 8. Each success she scores allows her to regain one spent Willpower point. She may use these points ot avert a cheap death; Destiny reaffirms her inner faith. Remember, though, that the Destiny rating means just that- the mage is destined to accomplish some great feat, die valieantly facing overwhelming odds, or even turn to the forces of evil. One day, the Storyteller will call the Destiny due...
o Mage of merit; roll one die oo A creditable mage; roll two dice ooo Mage of promise; roll three dice oooo A respected mage; roll four dice ooooo A revered mage; roll five dice
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