How-To: Communicate on the MUSH


MUSHes have a variety of communication formats, from paging (direct messaging player to player) to channels (globally accessible group chats) to in-room roleplay posing. 

The first thing you'll probably want is the public channel.  Once you've connected to the game, as a guest or a character, type:  =pub Hello!

That will get the attention of whomever happens to be hanging out on the game at the time, and you can carry on a conversation by prefixing your replies with =pub to send them to the global public channel.  The =new (Newbie) channel is also available.

You can also 'page' individuals:  page Bob=Hi!  This sends them a private message to which they can reply in kind.

Finally, when in the same MUSH 'room' (a simulated area), the prefixes : and ; are used for 'posing', e.g.  :nods.  would result in Bob nods. being shown to everyone currently in the same room.  (The ; prefix is used when there should be no space, e.g. Bobnods.)  Posing prefixes can be used within pages and channel conversations as well.