This background represents ownership of an arcane library which may include mundane works as well. They often aid the character in learning useful and obscure facts and methods.
o A collection of New-Age paperbacks. oo A few notable works and lots of superficial stuff. ooo A handful of rare and ancient books, and vast mundane resources. oooo An impressive collection of occult and mortal lore. ooooo A hoard of lost secrets, an sea of common wisdom. By rolling her Library rating (difficulty 7) while learning a new Knowledge or Sphere, the mage can save experience points she normally would have spent. Each success counts as one point saved, though at least one point must always be spent. The Mage must spend at least one week (often longer) in research and can roll only once every time she spends the experience. Libraries may be shared and pooled amongst characters, with the following limitations: * Libraries in general cannot be copied. Pooled libraries are no exception. * No character may ever roll more than five dice for a Library roll. * Library points contributed to a pool will be removed from the contributor's sheet and noted in a comment, which will be maintained as to the current state/possessor of the dots. * Characters that have access to a pooled library can 'take' (i.e., steal, permanently remove) dots from the pooled library at any time- this is an IC action, albeit an aggressive one. Stolen library points will be noted in a comment on the character taking them, which will include the original owner. * If a character leaves the game for any reason (dies, retires, idle nuked, banned, etc.), their points will be removed, no matter who has them- even if part of a pool or stolen.
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