Familiar Spirit

You have a special relationship with a spirit (animal spirit, affiliated spirit such as War, or similar), one who freely and without compunction is your companion. This is a friendly alliance, not servitude; while the spirit will assist you, it will not risk its existence for you - it will not enter combat, will flee if attacked, and will not run errands or teach Gifts. Any attempt to use the spirit for anything but friendship or a battery, such as spying, is treated as use of an Ally and requires a Familiar Spirit vs 6 roll; making such requests too frequently, or botching, risk alienating the spirit.
1: Your familiar is the smallest Gaffling and not too bright. You may only speak to it by Spirit Speech or direct conversation while near it in the Umbra. It may store a total of three points at any given time of either Gnosis, Willpower, or Rage. It cannot Peek. 2: Your familiar is a decent-sized Gaffling and almost intelligent. Communication requires Spirit Speech or speaking aloud while near it in the Umbra. It can store a total of five points of any one type at a time. 3: Your familiar is a Jaggling of average intelligence. You can speak aloud to it whenever it is nearby. It can store a total of five points of any two types at a time. It knows instinctively where you are, can see through your eyes, and can Peek. 4: Your familiar is a fairly bright Jaggling. You can speak to it telepathically as long as it is nearby. You always know where it is and can see through its eyes. It can store a total of five points in any combination, and can Manifest. 5: Your familiar is an intelligent Jaggling affiliated with a specific Incarna. You can speak telepathically to it no matter where it is, and you each always know where the other is. You can share any of the five senses and knowledge from any Gift you know. It can store a total of six points in any combination at a time. NOTE: This background is NOT currently supported by code. Any use of the stored points in a scene must simply be supported by declaring them along with a +prove of the stat.
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