This trait allows a Mage to tap into the Universal Unconscious, gleaning knowledge from the collective learning of Mankind.
A character may enter a trance, and reemerge with the knowledge he sought. Maybe. This can be done once per day, and allows the mage to use his Dream score in place of any Knowledge. o Hazy bits of information can be gleaned oo Respectable lessons can be learned. ooo Worthwhile lore is available. oooo Remarkable knowledge can be accessed. ooooo Astounding insights are possible. These knowledges are potentially accessible: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ area_knowledge bureacracy computer cosmology cultures enigmas finance herbalism history investigation law linguistics lore_arcanum lore_bete lore_camarilla lore_forbidden lore_garou lore_inconnu lore_infernal lore_mage lore_traditions lore_nephandi lore_sabbat lore_sorcery lore_spirit lore_technocracy lore_vampire lore_wyrm medicine occult parapsychology philosophy politics psychology rituals science ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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